Radu Florescu, 1925 - 2014, has been a model for all of us who love what is good in Romania. He most certainly has accomplished his mission as he saw it: to make his country's best qualities known to the world as a Professor of history at Boston College and to support its talented youth as an investment in the future through the summer program for gifted Romanian youths he set up in New England. A noble attitude that has inspired many and left a legacy in our hearts and minds. His great idea to support very young talented people who would get to know American openness and optimism and then go back and change the views of their Romanian co-citizens from the inside stands out for Aspera's team among his many achievements and has been something we have adopted and will continue to support. Our continued collaboration with the Educational Enrichment for Romanian Children led by Dr. Daniela Floru is also to be seen as a tribute to Prof. Radu Florescu.